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60 People Sickened After Eating at San Antonio Pasha Grill

September 6, 2018

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS –San Antonio Metropolitan Health District received many complaints about food-related illness after eating at Pasha Mediterranean Grill last week.


The complains were received independently from around 60 people.


The Metro Health has already started the investigation. The restaurant is fully cooperating with the Metro Health to take precautionary measures and prevent any other sickness.


Health officials call all the residents who attended the restaurant during the weekend to be careful of the symptoms.


The common symptoms of foodborne diseases include nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Symptoms may vary among the different types of food-related diseases.


In May 2018, the Metro Health conducted quality inspections in Pasha. The latter received a score of 78 points out of 100.


The violations included mainly not enough cleanness of the facilities and lack of an industry certified manager. The restrooms in the restaurant don’t have the sign “employees must wash hands”.


Since 2014, Pasha has undergone many inspections and always received higher scores. No similar case has been recorded so far. However, the restaurant official agreed that the management will be more attentive towards quality assurance.


San Antonio Food and Environmental Health Services division examines hundreds of restaurants weekly. They are identifying the cleanest and the dirtiest restaurants and dining places to take necessary measures.



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