Bus Drivers are needed by Northside Independent School District

San Antonio- Northside ISD officials state there is a shortage of school bus drivers, therefore, some school buses will be crowded.

It is to be noted that there are still many drivers needed to cover all 80 routes of the district. In addition, the at least 32 hours of a job with benefits are suggested by the district.

This is because the majority of commercial drivers prefer high paying jobs in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Therefore, the district is making some changes to adjust to the above-mentioned situation. Some middle and high school students will ride the same bus.

It will go like this a bus driver would pick up the middle school students and then go back to pick up high school students.

“That’s a situation as we get to that point, we’ll examine the buses. We’ll examine how full they are and make determinations after that,” explained said Northside ISD spokesperson Barry Perez. “But I can certainly assure parents, cause of the fact that we are missing 80 routes, some of those buses are going to be full.”

The lack of bus drivers will not touch elementary school students.

Attention! Anyone who is interested in driving a school bus can contact Northside ISD. College students or people looking for a second job also can be included.

In addition, both North East ISD as well as San Antonio ISD tell they have enough drivers right now.


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