Student’s Parents Fight for Their Disabled Son’s Rights

SAN ANTONIO - A family from San Antonio is fighting for the rights of their disabled son to social media. Ryan Dickerson is the 19-year-old disabled student who was a victim of medical malpractice. Daniel Dickerson, the father of Ryan created a Fac...Read More

Sign-Ups for Google Fiber Begins in These San Antonio Neighborhoods

Google Fiber — the long-promised, lighting-fast internet provider — is finally going live in San Antonio. Well, for a few people. And not right away.   According to a Tuesday press release, San Antonia residents living in Westover Hil...Read More

San Antonio Truck Driver Confesses in Deadly Human Smuggling Case

San Antonio man, 61 – year – old, confessed to being guilty of two federal charges in the human smuggling incident that led to the deaths of 10 undocumented immigrants this summer.   James Matthew Bradley Jr., who appeared before a U.S...Read More

San Antonio Tornado Storm Not The Biggest It’s Seen

San Antonio sees on average two tornadoes a year with usually no fatalities. It is a high risk area in terms of tornado occurrence. Since the year 1950, there have been 101 tornadoes. The largest tornado occurred in 1953 with an F-4 rating which beca...Read More

Which Do You Choose?…. San Antonio International Airport Versus Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Two major cities in Texas are competing for having the better airport. When travelling how many of you compare prices between Austin and San Antonio? Which one do you choose, the Texas capital or the historical city of Austin? The price gap betwee...Read More

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