San Antonio Tornado Storm Not The Biggest It’s Seen

San Antonio sees on average two tornadoes a year with usually no fatalities. It is a high risk area in terms of tornado occurrence. Since the year 1950, there have been 101 tornadoes. The largest tornado occurred in 1953 with an F-4 rating which beca...Read More

Which Do You Choose?…. San Antonio International Airport Versus Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Two major cities in Texas are competing for having the better airport. When travelling how many of you compare prices between Austin and San Antonio? Which one do you choose, the Texas capital or the historical city of Austin? The price gap betwee...Read More

San Antonio Purchases 204 Acres Of Park Land

The city of San Antonio is purchasing land for a new park, Mayor Ivy Taylor said Tuesday, June 7. 204 acres of North Side family ranch will belong to the city and the majority of the land will be preserved in its pristine state.   The park...Read More

4 Year Old San Antonio Boy Inspires Others After Being Bullied Online

A story about a 4 year old with a rare craniofacial syndrome that aired Wednesday in San Antonio get a lot of comments on the Internet and inspire many other people share their stories.   They boy’s name is Jameson Meyer and he recently ...Read More

How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Transport?

If you are preparing to get your car shipped for the first time, it might be stressful. But don’t worry that much: statistically, only about 5% of all the vehicles shipped were damaged in the process of auto transport. And you can help yourself to ...Read More

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