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Promising October in San Antonio: Music Fest and Halloween Awaits You

Have you ever seen chalk murals along Houston Street in San Antonio? It has been 15 years since local professional artists are presenting their creations for this public art fest. The event is pretty diverse. Besides admiring the original chalk...Read More

San Antonio Home Prices Keep Rising

For the last 6 years, San Antonio’s middle class is facing hardship due to rapidly rising home prices.   The labor market lacks construction workers, while the supply of home is tight in the market. This has led San Antonio’s home pric...Read More

A Ghost Has been Spotted in San Antonio’s Café Surveillance Video

A  ghost appeared in surveillance video of San Antonio’s café and made the owners immediately shut the shop down.   The owner said after spotting a paranormal figure in her Cafés surveillance video, she didn’t want to be there hers...Read More

San Antonio will be Introducing New Technology in 3 Locations

The city of San Antonio has chosen three different locations to test smart technologies, Brooks, downtown San Antonio, and the Medical Center.   Last year, SmartSA was introduced by the city and united with Read More

Celebrate Father’s Day the Right Way at the Best Places in San Antonio

Now that Father’s Day is less than a week away, I bet you’re thinking of places to celebrate this international day for appreciating our fathers.   San Antonio is actually one of the cities in America that has some of the best food pla...Read More

South San Antonio ISD Predicted to Have Possible Job Cuts

Staffers at South San ISD are learning about possible cuts. District leaders are looking at a few solutions to address a $6.4 million-dollar deficit.   The budget shortfall due in part to declining student enrollment and an aging community...Read More

Walmart About the New Technology in Texas Stores

Walmart plans to make some big improvements at some of its stores across Texas.   The retail giant says it will be investing an estimated $277 million in Texas in 2018. Texas is the largest market in the country for Walmart, and the compan...Read More

Student’s Parents Fight for Their Disabled Son’s Rights

SAN ANTONIO - A family from San Antonio is fighting for the rights of their disabled son to social media. Ryan Dickerson is the 19-year-old disabled student who was a victim of medical malpractice. Daniel Dickerson, the father of Ryan created a Fac...Read More

Sign-Ups for Google Fiber Begins in These San Antonio Neighborhoods

Google Fiber — the long-promised, lighting-fast internet provider — is finally going live in San Antonio. Well, for a few people. And not right away.   According to a Tuesday press release, San Antonia residents living in Westover Hil...Read More

San Antonio Truck Driver Confesses in Deadly Human Smuggling Case

San Antonio man, 61 – year – old, confessed to being guilty of two federal charges in the human smuggling incident that led to the deaths of 10 undocumented immigrants this summer.   James Matthew Bradley Jr., who appeared before a U.S...Read More

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