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The National “Culture of Health” Prize Goes to San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – The city officials reported on Tuesday that San Antonio won a national prize for creating a “culture of health”.   Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a health philanthropy organization, recognized four cities nation...Read More

60 People Sickened After Eating at San Antonio Pasha Grill

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS –San Antonio Metropolitan Health District received many complaints about food-related illness after eating at Pasha Mediterranean Grill last week.   The complains were received independently from aroun...Read More

Suspicious Death of 27-Year-Old El Paso Woman: Police is Investigating

El Paso, Texas –A 27 years-old woman’s death was considered as a suicide by the time the body was found. However, El Paso police are investigating a suspicious death.   The woman’s body was found at a home located at 10200 block of W...Read More

15-Year-Old Boy Was Shot by a Girl for Refusing To Buy Marijuana

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS ---Teen shot a 15-year-old boy after he didn’t buy marijuana from her.   San Antonio police arrested a teenager on Wednesday after she allegedly shot another...Read More

San Antonio City is Working on New Set of Proposed Rules for Scooters

San Antonio city leaders are studying the set of proposed regulations for downtown scooters.750 electric scooters are already in San Antonio. A native San Antonio said you can catch a scooter as you see one and take off.   Scooters are al...Read More

A 33-Year-Old Parent Found Dead at the Parking Lot of Tippin Elementary School

El Paso, Texas -- On the second day of school, officials with El Paso Independent School District, addressed their community about the tragic event that unfolded at Tippin Elementary School Monday afternoon.   According to the EPISD police...Read More

San Antonio Man Arrested in a 10-Year-Old Girl’s Death: Previously Judged Insane

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A Man has been arrested in the death of a 10-year-old San Antonio girl. He was previously released in 2015 after he was judged criminally insane over an attack on an elderly person.   The man is identified as Paul An...Read More

Facebook Helped Tracking Down a Man Wanted for Charges in 2016

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Facebook helped track down a man wanted for the 2016 charge of sexual assault of a child.   Bryan Belangeri, 38, was arrested by San Antonio Police. He was found living under an assumed identity in Colorado.  ...Read More

Arlington-Based Rapper Tay-K 47 in Connection to San Antonio Shooting

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Texas rapper Tay-K 47 by a mother of a San Antonio photographer in connection to a shooting that happened in April 2017 outside a North Side restaurant.   Taymor Travon...Read More

John Waclawczyk Shot Wife Another Man

Last night, around 12:30 AM, police received a call from residents of North Carroll Street about gunfire shots.   When Wilson County authorities arrived at the home that the gunshots were heard from, they went inside and found two dead bod...Read More

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