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Alamo City Mayor Says Citizens Should not be Billed for Disaster

February 23, 2021

Alamo city Mayor Ron Nirenberg said he thinks the Electric Reliability Council of the Lone Star state — not individual residents — needs to pay for sky-high electricity bills. That was generated by icy weather that left ...Read More

Governor Greg Abbott Highlights COVID-19 in State of State Address

February 3, 2021

Governor Greg Abbott said the state of our state is brimming with promise. This was one of the many pronouncements made by the governor on Monday night's State of the State address. Abbott was referring to Texas. He also took...Read More

Alcohol-to-Go is Closer to Becoming Law to Help Businesses Survive

January 14, 2021

Alcohol-to-go sales and to keep it in the state is the plan of Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the middle of a pandemic and tense transition of presidential power. A...Read More

Food Bank Finds Thousands in Unclaimed Property

December 21, 2020

Food Bank Experiences a Christmas Miracle The San Antonio Food Bank has said it enough unclaimed property to provide nearly 140,000 meals to the community. In f...Read More

Businesses are Hurting due to Curfew and are not Making Money

November 30, 2020

Businesses are hurting in San Antonio. Nearly a hundred curfew opponents got together at the Alamo Cenotaph on a damp and chilly recent night to voice their opposition to the latest COVID-19 restrictions. They prohibit s...Read More

Homeless People Forgiven of Crimes and Given Housing Options

November 9, 2020

Homeless Texans Can Be More Hopeful About Housing Options Homeless Texans would have a better chance of receiving tax-subsidized housing units helping them to sec...Read More

Business Center Emerging in the State Capitol Continues to Thrive

October 21, 2020

The business center of San Antonio is emerging as the Long Star's state's best-kept secret which is south of the state capital. It is located in a business-friendly, culturally rich area. It's been characterized by Forbes, Bu...Read More

Food Bank CEO “Flabbergasted” at State Funding Cuts Amid Pandemic

October 2, 2020

SAN ANTONIO, TX - The San Antonio Food Bank is facing a major cut in state funding. The state funding would help to pay for produce for needy families. This is a tragedy. Talk about kicking people when they are down and there...Read More

Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Goes Online!

September 14, 2020

San Antonio's annual Hispanic Heritage celebration moves online. This is to, of course, reduce the spread of COVID-19... what else? But this does not reduce the...Read More

Meth: $20- Million Dollars Worth Of Meth Uncovered At Border

August 13, 2020

San Antonio, TX - A large quantity of meth has been discovered along the border of Texas and Mexico. A 27-year-old was stopped at the Mexican border attemptin...Read More