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Common Mistakes New Truckers Should Avoid

October 22, 2019

rookie mistakes

When embarking on a new adventure, whether a hobby or career, mistakes are bound to happen. Especially, when it comes to new truck drivers. With so many rules and regulations, you want to ensure you’re prepared to take on your new career successfully. Often than not, rookie drivers tend to learn those ‘unwritten rules of the road’ first, which often leads to errors too. However, those slipups can cost the driver (and company) both time and money. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes new truckers should avoid.

#1. Becoming excessively confident

Firstly, just because you got your CDL doesn’t mean you know everything. There is still a lot of experience to be had. Although you might know how to operate your truck efficiently, you still lack experience behind the wheel. Common mistakes new truckers should avoid is becoming so confident that you are above learning.

#2. Not asking for help

Furthermore, if you don’t understand something…ask! Asking for clarity on anything you’re confused about is key to performing your job successfully. Not to mention, it’s better to ask for help than to mess something up because you simply didn’t question it.

#3. Having extremely high expectations

Additionally, life as a trucker is gratifying in so many ways. However, it is also tough work, and not as easy as some newbies may think. Being away from home for several days can be quite challenging. And, often you don’t realize just how hard that is until you’re in it. Just keep in mind that life on the road can be tough, but in the end, very much worth it.

#4. Not taking safety measures seriously

Knowing how to operate your truck is one thing, but there is much more to it than that. All the little details in between are just as important. For example, even when you’re in a hurry, you should never skip a truck inspection, or fail to secure your load properly. Not practicing the proper safety measures will only lead to injuries and accidents.  

#5. Not taking care of yourself

Apart from this, another common mistakes new truckers should avoid is not properly taking care of themselves. This might not seem like an easy mistake to make, but trust us, it is. Far too often, new drivers forget that it takes a complete lifestyle change in order to adjust to life as a trucker and being on the road. From sleep patterns to long hours, it is important that you begin preparing for your new career even before you hit the road.

What are some other common mistakes new truckers make? Comment below.

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