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Food Bank Finds Thousands in Unclaimed Property

December 21, 2020

Food Bank Experiences a Christmas Miracle

The San Antonio Food Bank has said it enough unclaimed property to provide nearly 140,000 meals to the community. In fact, joyously enough, comptroller’s office has said more well-known Texas nourishment pantries may in fact be owed thousands of dollars.

Filling Up Food Supply with the Profits of Unclaimed Properties

Working with staples banks across Texas, the comptroller’s office is trying to help them find unclaimed property. This could help them fill up their nourishment supply for this holiday season.

Feeding Texas Network Wants to Makes Texans Lives Brighter

Along with partners around the state, The Feeding Texas network of subistence banks, has been working relentlessly to meet the building need and we’re pleased to assist their efforts, said Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. I’m imploring all fare banks to check to see if we’re holding of their unclaimed property. Every dollar can go a long way in helping needy Texans during these unusual times.

Thousands in Unclaimed Property

More than $19,000 in unclaimed property is what The San Antonio Food Bank has.

Those Facing Hunger May Now May have Food to Eat

Getting unclaimed property via the state Comptroller’s office, is a bit of a Christmas miracle, said Eric Cooper, CEO and president of the San Antonio Food Bank.

“In fact, the miracle was so much, in our case, it will provide nearly 140,000 meals to those facing hunger in San Antonio this festive season.”

Unclaimed property for daily bread banks consists of utility deposits, uncashed checks, and refunds from vendors, etc.

Matching Unclaimed Property

Partnering with a contact at Feeding Texas, the Comptroller’s office is matching food banks with their unclaimed property.

Visit to find out how you can help your local food bank. To search for unclaimed property, visit or call 800-321-2274.

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