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Killer Found Dead In Forest

March 5, 2020

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After a fatal shooting last week, authorities announce the body of the killer was discovered in a nearby wooded area.

Andrew Munoz, 42, fled police after committing murder last Friday morning. The killing took place just before 8 am at a local Subway sandwich shop. There, Munoz shot his ex-girlfriend, Marisela Cadena, 43.

Responders rushed Cadena to the hospital. However, she later died from her wounds.

Meanwhile, her killer fled police, who considered him armed and dangerous. He reportedly told members of his family he refused to be taken alive, indicating his volatile state.

Cadena’s troubles with her killer stretch back into their shared history. The began dating 6 years prior. Along the way, Cadena realized his presence posed a threat to her safety. Court records chart a slew of domestic abuse incidents starting in June of 2018. That November, Cadena left him.

Then, Munoz’s erratic behavior escalated. In February of 2019, he abducted Cadena for a period of 6 hours. During that time, Munoz threatened to kill her and her grandchildren.

Attempts to Distance Herself from the Killer

In the wake of the incident, Cadena continued to speak with Munoz in fear of further violent behavior.

She even agreed to meet with Munoz several days prior to the shooting that ended her life. However, she opted to leave when his vocal inflection raised warning flags.

In response, Cadena took action. She met with police and explained her situation. Two days before the shooting, police obtained an arrest warrant for Munoz in connection with the kidnapping incident.

She filed a restraining order Thursday, the day immediately preceding her death. She received training from a case worker that developed a safety plan for her. Police stopped by the sandwich shop, checking on her.

However, despite their efforts, her killer came to the sandwich shop and murdered her Friday.

The following Tuesday, the discovery of his body ended the search. He died from a gunshot wound to the head, an apparent suicide.

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