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One Truck on Another: Crash Left 1 Dead and 2 Injured

San Antonio Truck

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A crash, including two trucks, San Antonio, Texas, claimed the life of one person and shut down the interstate for nearly nine hours yesterday.


The crash happened on the southbound I-35 west of Somerset Road around 9:30 p.m. A flatbed semi-truck somehow drove over the top of a tow truck that was assisting another truck that had become disabled along the side of the interstate.


The crash may have occurred when a slower-moving tow truck pulling a disabled bobtail truck changed lanes in front of a semi-truck that was traveling at approximately 70 m.p.h., according to San Antonio Police Department Sgt. Arthur Lindley.


Lindley explained that the semi-truck driver couldn’t avoid the crash: “He ran right over the top of it, couldn’t stop.”


San Antonio Crash


Other sources say, the semi-truck changed lanes from the left lane to the right lane and crashed into the tow truck as it assisted a broken-down truck.


The person in the passenger seat of the tow truck became trapped in the crash and died at the scene. Both the semi-truck driver and the tow truck driver were taken to the hospital. Both drivers are considered to be in a stable condition.


The people’s identities involved in the crash have not yet been released.


San Antonio Police Department is still investigating the accident.


Hazmat crews responded to the scene of the crash.


Southbound I-35 was shut down from the time of the crash. It is open from 6:30 this morning.


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