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Pools will Reopen This Weekend, but With New Rules Due to the Pandemic

May 7, 2021

Pools will begin to open Saturday for families to relax and splash around as life has slowly returned to normal. You mean crawled? This has occurred only after being open a few weeks last year amid some of the pandemic’s worst and destructive months.

Pools Opening in San Antonio for the Public

There are four city pools in San Antonio including Heritages, Lady Bird Johnson, Southside Lions and Woodlawn that will be operating Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The hours are from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. as well as on Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Moreover, Kennedy and San Pedro will only be operating during those weekend hours for now.

Following the New Rules and Getting back to Normalcy

Veronica Rodriguez said: “We do want to invite the public back to some kind of normalcy.” Rodriguez is the program manager for aquatics. She adds you are welcome to get back into the water, that is, as long as you follow the new rules. This doesn’t sound like a “fun time” at the pool. “However, the only time you will not be wearing your mask is when you’re in the pool,” she explained. “Otherwise, if you go to the restroom or have to grab a sip of water, masks will be required.” What a drag.

Registering Online to Use the Pool

Yes, the “dreaded” Corona Virus seems to still be a “threat” in the community of San Antonio. Moreover, there are, of course, plenty of residents (shudder the thought) that are still waiting to be vaccinated. As a result, families are being asked to register online beforehand at no charge. This is during a specified window of time. The open swim visits are limited to two hours or 75 minutes depending on the day. In fact, visitors who arrive late may “forfeit” their predetermined swim session. That really stinks, to be honest, and way too, hardline of a perspective. This is according to those “pesky” registration pages.

Pools will not be Operating at Fully Capacity Yet

More good news! NOT… The pools are going to be operating at 50 percent capacity,” Rodriguez said.

A Chlorine Shortage – No Kidding??

File this under “unreal.” There happens to be a nationwide shortage of chlorine. It is making the product more expensive. Thus harder to find. But Rodriguez stresses the problem won’t affect your fun in the sun.

Pools at the Parks Luckily use Liquid Chlorine

“Thus, from our understanding, the shortage is on the tablet form of chlorine,” Rodriguez said. “Our parks pools, do use liquid chlorine. Moreover, our vendor has reassured us that it is not going to impact them to meet our needs now and going forward.”

Screening for COVID-19

In fact, visitors will have to be screened for COVID-19 upon arrival at the pool. Moreover, the access to dressing rooms won’t be available, so, in fact, Parks and Recreation are also asking you to come swim-ready. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

The city of San Antonio, TX, has a total of 24 pools. In fact, Rodriguez said they have open more throughout the summer as they hire more staff. Phew, that is a relief! Good to know!

The registration is open now. More information about the pools, can be found here

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