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San Antonio Tornado Storm Not The Biggest It’s Seen

San Antonio sees on average two tornadoes a year with usually no fatalities. It is a high risk area in terms of tornado occurrence. Since the year 1950, there have been 101 tornadoes. The largest tornado occurred in 1953 with an F-4 rating which became cause to 2 deaths and 15 injuries.


The aftermath of Sunday nights Tornado storm was not pretty. In the days after the Mayor, Ivy Taylor, has issued a disaster declaration for San Antonio.


The first and most important step is getting state and federal help. This help will be towards the hundreds of residents whose homes were ruined by the tornado storm. Sunday night became witness to four tornadoes in San Antonio.


During Monday night, city officials states that over a hundred homes suffered from severe damages from the two tornadoes that were active near


Alamo Quarry and just slightly northeast, near Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches. Both of these tornadoes were rated as an EF-1, their winds went up to 105 miles per hour.


Two other tornadoes that became active near Glen Heights and Schoenthal Ranch were rated as an EF-0 with winds around 80 miles per hour.


When Tuesday Morning came, at least 1,200 people still remained without power. The biggest issue was that the power line may have received structural damage. At least of the transmission towers became severely damaged due to the tornadoes.


No estimated time was given by the CPS on when the power would be fully restored. Dozens of roads were still closed because of the flooding.

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