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San Antonio Will Spend $2.9 Million To Add Three New Rides in SeaWorld

September 28, 2018

San Antonio seaworld

San Antonio, Texas—-San Antonio will feature sea turtle attraction and three new rides in spring 2019. This is according to theme park announcement released on Thursday.


Turtle Reef will give park visitors the opportunity to see green sea turtles. The Park said those were rescued and releasable.


They are displayed in a 126.000-gallon coral reef-themed environment. The set up reminds the underwater viewing area.


San Antonio SeaWorld will also incorporate three new rides to the San Antonio Park. One of them is three-aimed Riptide Rescue which spins riders.


The second ride that will add more fun for park visitors is Sea Swinger, a ride that will swing riders on a pendulum.


The third one is called Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. This one will slide you from a multidrop tower.


The construction of the turtle attraction, Riptide Rescue and Sea Swinger will cost about $2.9 million, according to estimates.


For Ihu’s Breakaway Falls the city will spend $4 million.


The organization that aims at rescuing and rehabilitating animals will be granted 5 percent of the profit received by the sales of turtle-themed merchandise.



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