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South San Antonio ISD Predicted to Have Possible Job Cuts

May 16, 2018

san antonio job cut

Staffers at South San ISD are learning about possible cuts. District leaders are looking at a few solutions to address a $6.4 million-dollar deficit.


The budget shortfall due in part to declining student enrollment and an aging community. As a result, district leaders are looking at multiple ways to bridge the gap.


The child nutrition department is one area that could see job cuts.


“She’s worried because they’ve always told her maybe, ” speaking through a translator this cafeteria worker expressed fear of losing her job. She was among dozens of staffers who learned the district is looking at cost-saving options that could include bringing in a management company to run the child nutrition department.


“What was the overall reaction from everyone who attended? (Spanish) that they’re all shocked about it, about what they told them that they’re not happy about it,” she said.


The district is also considering reductions within the police department. A district spokeswoman says any recommended reductions will not include cuts to police officers assigned to the schools. Rather in the administrative offices and positions vacated through attrition would not be filled.


Trotter said, “How does that make her feel? (Spanish) she said worried.”


This cafeteria worker says not knowing when cuts will be made is the hardest part. She wants the district to plan sooner than later. “To tell us straight up if they’re going to have a job or not.”


Again, the district at this point is only considering recommendations. Nothing is final until the board adopts a budget in August. The fourth budget meeting is predicted to be held Wednesday night.

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