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Southside Bar Shootout Leaves 2 Dead

October 4, 2019

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A shooting outside a Southside bar leaves two dead and one severely injured, including a security guard, San Antonio police said. Officers responded just after 2 a.m. after receiving multiple reports of a shooting.

According to police, witnesses at the bar said a confrontation ensued between the bar security guard and a bar patron. Both victims pulled out their guns which ignited a shootout, ultimately killing each other after being shot dozens of times.

A third victim was also caught in the crossfire and became fatally wounded. Though, police say the person is in surgery and is expected to survive. Several cars were also struck by bullets from the shootout.

A frequent customer of the bar, who also happened to be a witness to the shooting added, “A family lost their husband, their father, it’s devastating.”

Moreover, the investigation is still ongoing, and the names and ages of the men killed have not been publicly released.

Furthermore, another bar patron added that it is not the first time a shooting has taken place at their Southside bar, claiming it is a troublesome location. “It is also the main reason why the bar changes its name many times and had many owners, because it continues to happen.” The bar patron argues, “It’s upsetting because this is my hometown and many people come here.”

Police still have a lot of questions for the people who were at the bar during the incident.

Investigators show that there are at least 47 evidence markers where the Southside bar shooting occurred.

As for the bar itself, the fate is uncertain whether they decide to remain open or shutdown completely. To prevent another shooting like this to happen.

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