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Truckers Are Outraged by This New Fee!

January 18, 2019

street turn fees

You think this is outrageous? Read here to find out how to save money buying a used truck.

Ocean carriers are important in the freight business. Now, they’re capitalizing on it. Ocean carriers have enacted a new fee that charges truckers and shippers for reuse of marine carriers. Truckers and shippers are not only upset by the sudden appearance of the fee, but by the fact that it costs the ocean carriers next to nothing to give these containers up.

Interestingly, a street turn is when an ocean carrier hands a newly empty marine shipping container to an exporter. The exporter then uses it instead of returning the carrier to an ocean terminal. The ocean carriers refer to the new fee as a “street turn fee.” This will take effect on February 4, 2019. Unfortunately, the cost is anywhere from $30 to $75 dollars per container.

Companies that will charge this fee include Hyundai Merchant Marine, SM Line, and Zim American Integrated Shipping. Some marine transport companies also possess automated street turn services, like Maersk.

Sadly, this isn’t the only fee that comes with ocean transport. If shippers and truckers use the box longer than the allotted free time, they face a variety of ocean carrier and marine terminal fees.

What impact does this have?

These fees will most likely encourage truckers and shippers to return empty marine carriers to already over-crowded terminals. Thus, many disapprove of the fee, like, the Agriculture Transportation Coalition.

 Furthermore, companies like the Texas Trucking Association are sure to face the repercussions of the new fee. The new fees remove incentive to reuse carriers. Therefore, rather than saving a trip, many truckers would rather save the money. Sometimes, truckers have  to pay these fees out-of-pocket if the money isn’t reimbursed by the shipper.

How do you feel about the new street turn fees? Are you, like the Texas Trucking Association, pushing against them? Or are you unapposed?

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