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Tailgating: Don’t Do It!

August 20, 2019


Rushed driving leads to tailgating. Yes, we understand the pressure of a demanding schedule, moving freight as quickly as possible. However, this kind of pressure contributes to poor driving, which often leads to tailgating.

Moreover, commercial trucks are heavy, and even heavier when transporting a full load. Therefore, they require a significant amount of room to come to a complete stop. A safety-conscious driver understands the importance of keeping a safe distance between their truck and the vehicle in front. In circumstances where it’s difficult to maintain a safe distance because of heavy traffic, stay in one lane and let other vehicles do the lane changing.

Furthermore, the Hours of Service Rule was established to help combat driving while drowsy. However, these regulations may also contribute to drivers rushing to complete runs before their time is up.

Moreover, tailgating leads to accidents. And, truck accidents are severe. They cause delayed delivery times, and a possible increase to your insurance. Additionally, traffic fines, potential lawsuits, hospital bills, and a possible job loss might also occur. Therefore, the consequences from tailgating aren’t worth it.

Also, tailgating is against the law! So, think twice before you do it.

According to the safe distance rule, drivers should maintain a full vehicle length between vehicles for every 10-mph travelled. Therefore, if a truck is travelling at 50-mph, then it should be 5 full truck lengths between it and the vehicle ahead.

Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration suggests that when driving below 40-mph, one second between vehicles for every 10 feet of vehicle length is necessary. However, it would be 4 seconds for tractor trailers. Furthermore, when travelling over 40-mph, an additional second should be added. And, in the event of poor weather conditions, the time should double.

In brief, DON’T TAILGATE! It’s not worth it.

What are some suggestions to avoid tailgating during transport? Comment below.

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