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Customer Testimonials


Tina Berjian November 01, 2010
Excellent customer service. They can speak many languages, it's awesome. They shipped my Ford Focus and my brother's Toyota on Monday as promised. My flight to Los Angeles was delayed but they kept it for me for free in their parking place. Fantastic. You helped us out.

Henry Jones June26, 2010
My wife's Honda Accord was picked up from Idaho and shipped to Texas. I am very satisfied with your prices, I shopped around for few hours but I decided to call Global Auto and I was not mistaken. I heard a few stories about car shipping companies from friends and I was very cautious choosing a company for transporting my wife's car. I work in Texas and my wife decided to move and stay with me couple of months. It was very hard to make her mind to leave kids with grandparents and stay with me in Texas for some time and you know if something went wrong with her car she would go really mad at me. But I am happy everything was good, guys did all themselves and my wife just took the plane to Texas where I met her.

Rebecca Sanchez April 08, 2010
Thanks to your driver and guys who answer my calls every time I call. My car will arrive in the morning but I am so impatient that I can't sleep!!!! I moved to Florida due to my job and this is great to have my car here without having to drive thousands of miles. The prices are good and the service is wonderful. I had to remove unnecessary stuff from my car as it was recommended and hope in the morning I can have my car, just couple of hours to goooo!

Amanda M. January 20, 2010
I give you 5 stars. My classic car arrived to Tennessee last week. I will use your services again. I like to deal with professional workers that can give me useful advices. I gave your number to my colleague and is also very satisfied.

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