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Woman Wielding Fake Gun Killed by Police

March 22, 2019


SAN ANTONIO, TX – A San Antonio policeofficer gunned down a woman after she wielded what appeared to be an Uzi. They identified the woman as Hannah Westall, 26.

The tragic shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Huebner Commons Shopping Center. This is located at Huebner and Vance Jackson roads. It’s located on the northwest side. According to reports, Westall confronted the police while toting an apparent Uzi.

Originally, police were dispatched to the area after receiving a tip that a woman was carrying a gun in the parking lot. The police report states that when officers arrived at the parking lot, 23-year veteran, Sergeant David Perry, promptly told the woman to keep her hands up and visible. However, the woman defied this demand. Instead, she reached behind her back and pulled out a gun. She then aimed it at the officers.

Perry immediately responded by firing his weapon, according to the report. He shot Westall multiple times. Ultimately, she collapsed to the ground. Unfortunately, officials pronounced Westall dead at the scene.

The same report explains how police later decided the gun Westall flashed was actually a “non-functional replica of a handheld submachine gun.” They determined that the fake gun was “visually indistinguishable” from a real one by invesigators. Consequently, it offered ample reason for the officer to respond by shooting.

Still, police say the investigation is ongoing.

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